Permanent Male Chastity Device

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In a sexual relationship, compromise often has to be made because, no matter how hard you try, sometimes things are just over before they really began for one of you. If you frequently orgasm but fail to do the same for your partner then you run the risk of leaving her feeling used, unwanted and even feeling worthless. This is certainly not the thing that you want! The problem is how to make yourself last a bit longer so that you can both be satisfied. For this, a chastity belt is a very good idea. Essentially, the belt decreases the sensitivity of the penis to the extent where the male fails to become sufficiently aroused to orgasm. This ensures that he is able to last the distance, so to speak.

However, if you get a permanent chastity belt then it adds an extra dimension to your sex life. It can be used as a form of ‘punishment’ that the woman wishes to dish out to her partner. By placing them in a chastity belt you are denying them the orgasm that they crave, which can make the male much more exhilarated; the power shifts to the woman which some men found very arousing. It also acts as a form of control over the male; you are able to make sure that they pull their weight about the house by tempting them. This can get them back into good habits and make you both a lot more satisfied and enjoying your time together.

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