Male Chastity Stories

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Male chastity is a big deal for most men however for the few who chose to live this lifestyle there are rewards that may not be recognized by others. Religion sometimes plays a part in these stories however when it comes to the crunch it is often a woman or another man who is calling the shots to the storyline. In this story it was a woman that was asking her man to be faithful while she was away.

The story began with partners who were both in the armed services and where often taken to other countries to work therefore separating them for many months at a time. Now these two love birds where no strangers to having sex though they were also committed to each other and therefore in a single partner relationship. This was the understanding for both partners so being good while the other was away came almost naturally to them.

Both partners had many temptation in their working environment with both men and women that would chase them. For the lady in this story, pushing off men was easy for her however for the male, this was another story. There were so many sexy young women in the armed forces and in his particular regiment there were more than just a few. It was not uncommon for the girls to blow off a little steam with the guys in the same services and chasing this particular guy seemed to be a sport to them.

In the end his theory was that a chastity belt could be worn to the base during his hours on call and he would leave the key at home. He did not want to tell his girl that the others were testing him and he definitely did not want to tell her that he was resorting to a male chastity belt. One day she surprised him by coming home early and to his big surprise, this gesture of intimacy and love not only made her very happy but also turned her on to a new extreme.

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