Permanent Male Chastity Device

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In a sexual relationship, compromise often has to be made because, no matter how hard you try, sometimes things are just over before they really began for one of you. If you frequently orgasm but fail to do the same for your partner then you run the risk of leaving her feeling used, unwanted and even feeling worthless. This is certainly not the thing that you want! The problem is how to make yourself last a bit longer so that you can both be satisfied. For this, a chastity belt is a very good idea. Essentially, the belt decreases the sensitivity of the penis to the extent where the male fails to become sufficiently aroused to orgasm. This ensures that he is able to last the distance, so to speak.

However, if you get a permanent chastity belt then it adds an extra dimension to your sex life. It can be used as a form of ‘punishment’ that the woman wishes to dish out to her partner. By placing them in a chastity belt you are denying them the orgasm that they crave, which can make the male much more exhilarated; the power shifts to the woman which some men found very arousing. It also acts as a form of control over the male; you are able to make sure that they pull their weight about the house by tempting them. This can get them back into good habits and make you both a lot more satisfied and enjoying your time together.

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Purity Ring for Guys

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Purity rings for guys have becoming increasingly more significant and common in time. It is a ring that is typically worn on the left hand and serves as a promise to God to remain abstinent until marriage. It is a great symbol of faith and a strong way to showcase your beliefs. These rings can serve as a constant reminder to stay pure and keep chaste during times when temptation can loom. These types of ring are special and significant and often given by parents to their son.

There are several different designs of purity rings available to guys. Many of the rings have a cross symbol within and can be made out of yellow gold, white gold, silver, titanium, or several other metal options. These rings are meant to be worn daily and are very durable and strong. Often times, an inscription can be placed within the ring of either the ring wearers initials or a description of the purity ring and purpose.

You can find a wide selection of male purity rings in the jewelry stores or online. The internet allows you to compare an enormous selection of rings all in one place while also comparing the prices. When shopping online, be sure you get a certificate of authenticity as well as a warranty to ensure that your ring is backed up with a guarantee. Once you order, your ring should be shipped to you immediately, allowing you to begin to enjoy it right away!

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Male Chastity – for men with self control

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Although it may sound like something straight out of the Middle Ages, male chastity is becoming a lifestyle choice for many men across the world. Male chastity has many benefits and, both single and married men are finding that male chastity puts them more in control of their sexual lifestyle and prowess! And of course, wives love it too!

What is Male Chastity?

Male chastity is simply the abstinence of any sexual pleasure through masturbation or sexual intercourse. When male chastity is used for religious purposes, it is generally a complete abstinence, with no release whatsoever permitted. However, many men are finding that a more casual, relaxed form of male chastity brings them and their partners great pleasure!

How it Works

When a man decides to live the male chastity lifestyle, they simply forbid themselves from taking any form of pleasure. They will then decided on a predetermined time when they can release themselves and take part in some form of sexual pleasure.

When a couple decides that the man is going to engage in the male chastity lifestyle, it is the woman who is in charge of when the man will get his release from chastity and be able to pleasure her, and himself at the same time. This type of male chastity has many more benefits than a man who decides to do it just for himself because, there are two people experiencing the benefits at the same time!

For some, simply taking a vow or having a discussion is enough to establish that the man is going to take part in male chastity. However, those who are seriously dedicated to it and want to truly commit, the investment in a chastity belt might be a good idea. This will make sure that the man cannot succumb to the temptation of pleasuring himself, or do so accidentally, such as in his sleep.

Male chastity has many benefits. Not only does it bring greater pleasure for both the man and woman when release is finally given, but it can also help a man discover whole new ways to pleasure a woman! With all that time now on his hands, men can use it to get creative and really have a sexual experience like never before!

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