Things to Know About Chastity Devices

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The history of the chastity belt is quite difficult to prove. With little documentation and evidence available until the 15th century, any myths, legends and stories before that time can only really be considered as conjecture.


All that we have so far are stories. For instance, one of them suggests that Roman female slaves were locked into chastity and were only granted release for the sexual pleasure of their masters and mistresses. Legends and myths of Medieval ladies being locked within chastity belts until their Knights and Lords returned from fighting in the Crusades to free them.

Unlike female chastity belts, the development of male chastity belt or device has been much easier to follow. Its history is much more recent and can be traced through patient records. Below are examples of male chastity devices. The Timely Warning is an American chastity device of 1905 and is similar to the Kali’s Teeth Bracelet, an anti-erection device.


Between the 1850s and the beginning of the Second World War male chastity devices were developed for the purpose of preventing masturbation, which the Victorians believed was a cause of insanity. At this point, the main difference between the male and female chastity device is clear.

The Victorian view of the female chastity belt was to protect the wearer from rape. Thus, they were considered as a method of protection and security. On the other hand, male devices were developed to prevent “self abuse” and “insanity, imbecility and feeblemindedness”, which were considered to be the natural fate of any young man with doubtful moral attitudes.

Today’s modern stainless steel chastity belt, such as the one in the photo below, was developed by improving upon the Florentine design by Hal Higginbottom in the late 1950s. Since 1958, Hal produced male and female chastity belts from his workshop in Sheffield, England, under the brand name of Tollyboy. His craftsmanship was of excellent quality and his belts were considered to be the Rolls Royce of chastity belts. It is Hal Higginbottom who was credited with bringing the chastity belt into the 20th century.


Male chastity devices are now readily available from many specialist online shops. Should you wish to purchase a chastity device, you should look for those and web sites that know something about chastity.

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The Popularity Of The Male Chastity Belt

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A chastity belt is a kind of locking item used with the main purpose to prevent sexual intercourse. It was most commonly used by women who had to remain virgins until marriage, being the best way of preventing sexual intercourse. Some devices actually are designed in such a way that they can also prevent masturbation. These belts can be used by both men and women, as an anti-temptation device, too. Actually, this is the most common use of the device in modern times, women wanting their boyfriends to wear a male chastity belt to make sure that they will always remain faithful, no matter what. This belt has become amazingly popular nowadays and you can buy one for your boyfriend, too.

Some women believe that asking their boyfriends or husbands to wear this belt would be a sign that they do not trust their life partners enough, but that is not necessarily true. You can simply tell your boyfriend that you want to make sure that nothing will happen in case he attends a party without you, for instance, and he will have to respect your choice. Even though these belts are commonly used by women of different cultures, you should know that they have become equally popular among both women and men. The belt can also be worn in case you want to remain a virgin until your marriage and you want to be sure that your boyfriend will remain, too, or that he will not have sex with another woman during this period of time. Waiting for your wedding night to be your first night together is a great idea, being an absolutely romantic choice to make.

The male chastity belt can also be used to prevent masturbation and to simply put a control over sexual behavior. The belt can also be used during an erotic fantasy put in practice, when the woman wants to control sexual intercourse and decide herself when and were sexual contact is allowed. This can be a really great way to get out of routine when talking about couples who have already been together for a long period of time. Both men and women need diversity in a relationship, so there is no wonder after all that this belt has become so much popular in modern times. Even tough you can use it with a wide range of purposes, buying a chastity belt can always be a great choice.

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Male Chastity And Spirituality

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When it comes about male chastity, most of the men are very reluctant. They do not consider male chastity important and some think that the women are the only ones supposed to be chaste when beginning a marriage. The truth is that all people regard sexuality in different manners and if for some male chastity is very important, as well as female chastity, for others nor one, neither the other matter that much. For those who are very spiritual and decide to live in total purity until marriage, male chastity is very important. For the future husband and for the future wife it is very important to start this new stage of their lives with a clean state. This is why the sexuality is oppressed in some men, in those that believe that before everything, they should have a strong connection to God.

Later in life, after making such an important step like marriage is, they can enjoy their sex life, but never before. Male chastity is, according to some, very important in having a beautiful life. Apparently, male chastity keeps a man more calm and more loving. He is eager to work and patiently awaits to start his life with the one woman that he truly loves. Male chastity is very important for the relationship with God, as God appreciates it and loves those that practice it. For those who are chaste it is even simpler to focus on something, as they are not distracted by thoughts related to sex.

Male chastity not only facilitates the relationship with God and ensures the one that practices it that he will have a happy marriage, but it also gives him strength to overcome easier the difficulties that appear in life. And for his future bride, his male chastity is a sign of appreciation, love and respect. Men who are very spiritual and consider that a strong connection to God is important, say that after marriage, they will be able to cherish more their wives. Even if for the majority of men male chastity is not something they would do, for some, this is one important accomplishment.

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Male Chastity Belt

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The male chastity belt is one of the most popular devices that can be used to reduce the sexual urges of an individual. Reasons for wearing a male chastity belt can vary a lot from one case to another, but still its main use remains linked to religious and ideological grounds. There are also many men who decide to use the male chastity belt to increase sexual pleasure.

The first male chastity belt was designed centuries ago, but you should know that this device has not changed too much throughout this long period of time. And although at first the chastity belt was created to be worn by women, in time the device has become adequate for men, too. First models of chastity devices seem to date back to the 15th century, and even before. The purpose of a chastity belt was to prevent sexual intercourse and to help people resist the temptation. For women, a chastity belt was actually considered to be a must to prevent the risks of a pregnancy before marriage. In time, the usage and popularity of these devices has been decreased, but you should know that the chastity belt has never stopped to be used all around the world.

Nowadays, the male chastity belt has received a new usage and meaning. In fact, the device can help to bring trust once again into a relationship. Women who fear that their husbands might cheat on them, can purchase the male chastity belt for their lovers. This way they can be sure that their guys will be protected from any kind of access. Since today there are numerous male chastity belts available in sale, you will be able to easily find a model that will not harm the skin. The belt made from quality silicon, for instance, will leave the skin soft. These belts comes on a series of sizes, so they can be matched to any guy. Naturally, the male chastity belt can be locked. And this way a woman can gain back the lost trust in her life partner and a man can prove his loved one that he would never cheat on her.

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Male Chastity Today

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Throughout time, women had to stay virgin until the day of their marriage and have the first sexual contact during their wedding night. As women managed to have more power in society, things have changed radically and today we also talk about male chastity. There are different religious groups that find male chastity a great quality and think men and women should both stay virgin until the day they will get married. Sex and premarital sex are taboo topics for these people even if they are at a certain age. Male chastity is often referred to as a method through which both partners are respecting the other. Premarital sex or cheating are huge sins that in some countries are punished by a supreme method: death.

Male chastity may also refer to wearing different belts that ensure men will not have sexual contact while their wives are far away, so it is a means of preventing cheating. Many couples have come to use this method as the cases of cheating are huge. Many couples are also afraid as they see the increased number of divorces that take place everyday, the main cause being cheating. Male chastity belts are used to make sure that something like that will not happen and the marriage will go on.

Male chastity is used because women are afraid that their partner will cheat on them, mainly if they go on business trips or they work with many women. This lack of confidence in their partner, leads to using male chastity belts to ensure the faithfulness. There is though another reason why people different methods for keeping male chastity. One of them is to make the sexual contact more exciting and the woman can be that who will take the male chastity belt off. In addition, women can be sure that men will not please themselves, so men will give their best to them. Male chastity has become a very discussed topic today and male chastity belt are used to increase the pleasure or as a protection measure against potential cheating.

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Male Chastity Is Important For Religious People

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Religion is very important for a lot of people and many take incredible decisions in its name. One of these decisions, both for male and female is to keep their chastity. So, many decide to stay virgin until marriage and to share their sex life with just one person for all their lives. Although it may seem strange to many people, male chastity is very important for religious people. The church promotes a healthy life, by healthy meaning clean – and by clean meaning without sex. And this is available for men, too. So, a lot of them choose to follow the advice of their pastors and to treasure their virginity. Male chastity is a hard decision to make, but those who make it have the strong belief that God will help them surpass all difficulties and begin their married life with a clean state.

Male chastity is important for religious women, too. As they struggle to keep their virginity, it only seems fair that they ask the same from their men. Male chastity is a condition for marriage as well as women chastity. Although old and embarrassing customs of showing the proof of the virginity of the bride no longer exist in modern culture, male chastity, such as the virginity of women, is a very important topic in the religious communities. Because these kinds of religious communities that strongly support the belief that men and women should be virgin at the moment of marriage are numerous, teenagers belonging to them cannot join sexual education classes.

Unfortunately, the lack of education can be tragic and lying about keeping the female or the male chastity happens often. And in this cases, men who claim male chastity is important for them and women who claim they are virgin, still have active sexual lives. Without information, many supporters of female and male chastity who actually enjoy their sex life, get STDs or are exposed to unplanned pregnancies. Female virginity and male chastity are, theoretically, great ideas, but only if their supporters really do as they say. If they only claim their chastity, but they actually have a regular sex life, the lack of knowledge of sex education may lead them in trouble.

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Improve Your Sexual Life With Male Chastity

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You may wander how you can improve your sexual life with male chastity, considering that this means you will not have sex at all. Well, the answer is simple – the longer you wait, the more intense the pleasure and the more creative you get. Male chastity is not an easy topic and it most definitely is not something all men would agree with, but if explained, the idea will make sense and will gather many followers.

Some may argue that a man’s sexual freedom is very important, but male chastity is not a restrictive mean. As chastity belts began to be used in the Middle Ages, this might be seen as a regression, but in fact it can be used as a stimulus and will improve a couple’s sexual life. The rules of male chastity are simple: the man is not allowed to have any kind of sexual intercourse or to pleasure himself for a set amount of time (in a couple, this period is established by the woman). In this abstinence period, people may find that not having sex will make them think about it a lot more, but instead of letting this get to them, they might consider the fact that this way they will have numerous ideas for sexual pleasuring for when the period of male chastity ends. Getting out of a sexual routine can be accommodated through male chastity. In response, the result of this experiment is that both partners will have an increased libido and many ideas on how to satisfy each other. There are so many great results that can come out of male chastity in respect to improving the current sexual life of the couple. Male chastity can also be used as a sexual game; making the partner wait a longer period of time will surely improve the sexual act.

Thus, keep an open mind and use male chastity ideas in order to save your sexual life from being boring. Spice up your relationship and your life after a period in which all you could think about was this.  

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Male Chastity Has Its Reasons

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Chastity was very important in the medieval times for women, but with time things suffered some changes and men can also wear a male chastity device. Male chastity device is useful for religious practices or for those men who do not want to masturbate or to stay virgin until their marriage. This is common for many religious beliefs. The couples make a vow that they will stay virgin until they get married and male chastity is a part of this, of course.

Male chastity can also be useful when you decide to test yourself and see how much time you will resist without sexual contacts. Male chastity is not used only when you have a certain religious belief, but even for those times when you want to surprise your future bride and you wear a male chastity device that she has to open and you can invent several conditions until she will have the lock from it.

Male chastity may seem a little bit strange, but finally is the decision that anyone can have without judging him. More, male chastity can be used as a sort of toy in your bedroom, adding pleasure to your sexual life, so there are several uses for having a male chastity device. Male chastity is a decision that is met to many couples that do not have a sexual life until they get married and using male chastity devices will eliminate the temptations that may appear between them. There are many types of male chastity devices that will amaze you, but it is your opinion what you choose and what material it is more comfortable for you. Also, the male chastity devices have different sizes and colors, also a lock and usually two keys. They are resistant and can be used for different purposes, depending on what you want. These are also useful for preventing or getting rid of masturbation, so it is a good idea to buy a male chastity device. More, if you are a stripper, you can be sure that an object like that will catch all the women’s eyes as it is unusual and maybe a little controversial.

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Male Chastity Stories

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Male chastity is a big deal for most men however for the few who chose to live this lifestyle there are rewards that may not be recognized by others. Religion sometimes plays a part in these stories however when it comes to the crunch it is often a woman or another man who is calling the shots to the storyline. In this story it was a woman that was asking her man to be faithful while she was away.

The story began with partners who were both in the armed services and where often taken to other countries to work therefore separating them for many months at a time. Now these two love birds where no strangers to having sex though they were also committed to each other and therefore in a single partner relationship. This was the understanding for both partners so being good while the other was away came almost naturally to them.

Both partners had many temptation in their working environment with both men and women that would chase them. For the lady in this story, pushing off men was easy for her however for the male, this was another story. There were so many sexy young women in the armed forces and in his particular regiment there were more than just a few. It was not uncommon for the girls to blow off a little steam with the guys in the same services and chasing this particular guy seemed to be a sport to them.

In the end his theory was that a chastity belt could be worn to the base during his hours on call and he would leave the key at home. He did not want to tell his girl that the others were testing him and he definitely did not want to tell her that he was resorting to a male chastity belt. One day she surprised him by coming home early and to his big surprise, this gesture of intimacy and love not only made her very happy but also turned her on to a new extreme.

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Male Chastity Devices

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Male Chastity has been around for centuries and is still a part of this modern world with people of certain religions the main users of this ideology. There are some people who use male chastity devices to reduce their sexual urges however in the opposite extreme there are some people who use these devices as sexual pleasure toys in roles of bondage and discipline. The male chastity belt has ideally not changed a lot in design over the last few centuries however with the use of plastics there are now much improved models for people wanting to use them.

Originally it was the females who where required to wear the chastity belts so that they would not become pregnant while unmarried. The devices of yesteryear where crude and made of metals which often caused discomfort if not infections and other problems. The male chastity devices where basically armor for the penis which would be given to people of prestige or royalty when they were courting females of the same prestige. Unfortunately the armored penis chastity devise would point downwards making it very uncomfortable for the person wearing them should they get aroused.

It would not be unheard of for the chastity belts and male chastity devices to actually have a lock an key mechanism where the father of the courted bride would hold onto this until the day of the wedding. Th devise would have holes in them for urinating however they were unhygienic and could often cause problems for the person wearing them. These days the chastity belt is more often than not worn by a man in a dominated relationship where the female tells her husband when and where he can take it off. Normally this is at the end of the day when their sexual activities would resume.

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